Email-based lead ingestion

Rule-based notifications

Custom Lead Workflows

Key Performance Indicators

AUTOMATTIX CRM is an efficient and easy to use tool for ingesting, tracking, acting and converting your leads. With AUTOMATTIX you can route all your email-based leads to a single inbox which will be converted into a Lead records upon receipt. Rule-based assignments of new leads will save you time and will optimally distribute workload. You will be able to define your own Leadd workflow to fully automate the steps required to convert a lead. And, communication is at our core. Based on your preferences, we will notify you and other key members of your staff of specific events, such as new leads, closed leads, etc.

How Automattix Helps

Automatically ingest Facebook Leads into an easy to use lead-centric CRM. No manual tracking. No more lost leads.
Smart Scheduling algorithm automatically creates follow ups and assigns to sales staff based on workload.
Powerful metrics allow you to measure your sales team performance; from ingestion to conversion.
Easy to use lead contact management allows your staff to capture their actions and reactions from lead.

Powerful Analytics

Analyze your sales pipeline with powerful and intuitive analytics.